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mgtei: Hi Julianna. I'm not sure if you accept questions from students, but I really love your work and had two for you if you have the time. Has your process changed since you left school? And what are you most proud of, career-wise?

Yes, my process has changed since leaving school and it continues to change.  Like most illustration students I felt the pressure to find a style and stick with it. One valuable thing I’ve learned through surviving art school is to always be open to change and to allow your style to evolve naturally (I know this is probably what all your teachers tell you, but it’s true!) I felt rushed to find a style during school and went through many phases and materials.   At one point I was doing collage, at another point digital work, or monotypes, or lino-cuts, etc.   At the time I felt like I was flailing, but now I realize those moments of uncertainty are the times where I improve the most. Just stay truthful to how you enjoy working and style will eventually reveal itself!

What am I most important career-wise?  It feels a bit strange answering this because I feel as though my career has only just begun!  It’s cliché, but I’m happy whenever I receive nice messages (like this one!) from strangers that enjoy my work.

Thanks for your question!


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